Members receive a 10% discount on ClearPlex windshield protection.


ClearPlex is a patent-pending film applied to the exterior surface of a windshield, preventing damage from ordinary highway rock strikes and road debris. ClearPlex is virtually invisible, providing optical clarity and UV protection.

Windshield Protection
Members can now receive a 10% discount on windshield protection from one of the top manufacturers in the country. ClearPlex produces and distributes automotive glass protection film that provides an economically sound solution to the problems of automotive glass damage and replacement, vehicle integrity and safety.


  • Protect windshield from impact damage
  • Scratch resistant
  • 270 time more resistant to repetitive rubbing and wear
  • Adheres tightly to the windshield (but is removable)
  • Surpasses federal standards on clarity
  • Manufactured in the USA
How to Order:
Call ClearPlex: Call ClearPlex at 1-800-497-7119.
To recieve your member discount, be sure to mention discount code TeamFTI

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