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Basic Level Benefit

Make smarter and better-informed decisions with TomTom’s vehicle tracking solutions. Our system delivers real-time location, speed, mileage and fuel consumption data for each vehicle in your fleet.

Member Discount

  • First two months of service free
  • Discount Code: towPartners
  • (see details below)
  • Improve Service Response Time and Save Fuel

    TomTom addresses 3 important issues

      #1) Improve efficiencies
    • • Seamless dispatching (integrated with all tow software!)
    • • towXchange, Beacon, Tracker, SSCS/Digital Dispatch, etc.
    • • Professional Navigation with real-time traffic avoidance
    • • Interactive real-time dashboards help identify inefficiencies
    • • Drastically reduce direct dispatcher/driver communication by using TomTom PRO devices to send and receive jobs
      #2) Cut costs of managing your Mobile Workforce
    • • Active Driver Feedback & OptiDrive™
    • • Reduces aggressive driving
    • • Reduces fuel & maintenance costs
    • • Verify labor hours and reduce overtime
    • • Eliminate side jobs and unauthorized vehicle usage
    • • Monitor PTO usage
      #3) Reduce Liability
    • • Reduce distracted driving
    • (audible/visual instructions, lane guidance, speed limits)
    • • Hands-free cab reduces accidents and increases efficiency
    Discount:Two Months Free
    Member Discount Code:towPartners
    For more information:
    Javier Martinez at 800-301-8532

    e-mail: sales-us@business.tomtom.com

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